The Sight of a Familiar Face

I made one of the worst mistakes that a married person could ever make. I had an affair with a person from my job, and my wife found out. It was a one time thing that happened after a night of drinking, but that didn’t matter to my wife. Once my wife found out, she filed for divorce. From that moment, I was single and depressed. I had lost one of the best things in my life. Seeking to fill the emotional hole in my life, I turned to the cheap escorts in las vegas for help.

I made a date with a brunette escort. I thought she looked like my ex-wife a little, but my friends didn’t see it. They thought I was just seeing my wife in anything that had brunette hair. I guess they might have been right. I was beginning to think that some of the newscasters on television looked like my wife. My friends thought that it was a good thing that I was getting out to have a date with the escort. They wondered why I didn’t date the co-worker, since I already had an affair with her, but after that moment, things were awkward between us.

On my night out with the escort, as we talked, the woman looked less and less like my wife. She was looking more like her own person, and I realized just how amazing she looked. I couldn’t stop telling her and she thanked me for it. We went to my home after our date and she came inside for a drink. Things heated up between me and the escort, and the next thing I knew, I was waking up with lipstick marks on my face. My ex-wife isn’t coming back, but I don’t think I need her anymore.