7 Aspects to Consider for Hiring a Commercial Cleaner

There are many benefits associated with a clean workplace. It not only preserves the assets of a building such as the tiles, carpets, equipment etc. but also boosts the productivity and health of the employees. Thus building owners or the facility managers should realize that commercial cleaning services are more of an investment than expenditure. It would fetch long-term results.

A clean workplace apart from prolonging the lifespan of a property acts as an excellent marketing tool helping the company to gain more clients. Moreover, employees like working in a clean environment and this brings out the best in them and contributes to their productivity. Now the question is, while hiring office cleaning services, what are the factors to consider?

Here are the aspects you should take into account before deciding on your commercial cleaner.

#1. Track Record: Before deciding on a commercial cleaner it is important to check the track record of the cleaning company. It is a good idea to take references from the companies who have hired the services of a specific cleaning company before. You should inquire about the performance of the company as well as find out how punctual and professional they are.

#2. Customization: This is an important aspect to consider. The company should be able to offer tailor-made cleaning programs according to your requirement. You could need cleaning on a daily basis, nightly basis or monthly basis or you may want to schedule the vacuuming of the floors of your office during the night hours. A reputed cleaning company would be able to offer customized cleaning programs according to your requirement.

#3. The Range of Services Offered: The requirements of a company can vary widely. While some require cleaning on a daily basis, others may need deep cleaning once a month. From hard cleaning of floors to power washing, cleaning of upholstery and carpet, outside and interior surfaces of buildings, floor coatings etc. are some of the cleaning requirements of companies. Thus, while looking for a commercial cleaner you must make sure it offers a personalized cleaning program tailored to the needs of your office.

#4. Well-Equipped: You would certainly hire the services of a cleaning company which has the right set of professional equipment for carrying out the task of deep cleaning of your office effectively.

#5. Cost Structure: An esteemed cleaning company would first assess the cleaning needs of your office and quote the prices for those particular tasks. They would not have a general price structure for all types of cleaning programs.

#6. Insurance: It is wise to go for the services of an insured cleaning company as it would be responsible for any kind of damage to the client’s properties as well as have a legal liability. Thus, even if you have to shell out a little more for hiring the services of an insured cleaning company, it is worth it.

#7. Experience: It is important to know the number of years a company has been into this cleaning business before hiring their services. The more experienced they are, the better their performance would be.