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What You Need to Know About an Attorney General

Appoiitng many positions in the government is a thing that a newly voted president of the US is able to do. It is his cabinet that he will be able to make once he will be filing these positions up. One of the positions that need to be filled up is the Attorney General. It is this position that deals with enforcing the law for the executive branch. A top cop of the government is what the Attorney General is also known for. It is in this article that we will be talking about the many different things that one needs to know about what an Attorney General is all about.

It is in all legal matters that the Attorney General is the one that represents the US. Whenever the cases will be tried in the Supreme Court then it is where the Attorney General comes to play. There are some cases that will put the government on trial. The government can appoint a different attorney for these cases. But it is still the Attorney General that will be acting as a top lawyer in prosecuting or defending the interest if the government.

It is also the job of the Attorney General is to set a guideline for the criminals that the FBI and Federal Marshals pursue. In order to make the most of the energy of these investigative branches that the Attorney General will be the one to guide them. Whenever this one is what the Attorney General will be doing then any form of injustice will be avoided. It is through crime, drug trafficking, illegal immigration, and other important cases that injustices might happen.

When taking a look at the main job of the Attorney General that they are the one that will be leading the Justice Department of the United States government . The function that the justice department has will be managed by the Attorney General and will be reporting directly to the president. It is also the Attorney General that is considered to be one of the top adviser if the present. One of the best Attorney General around is Lori Swanson.

The Attorney General is one of the appointees that the president should have even before he will swear into office. You are able to see different Attorney Generals who are based on the number of states. If you want to know more about your Attorney General in your area then you can always check their profile in many different government sites. There are also other Attorney Generals that will have their profile on various social media sites where you can also check.